[Corporate Social Responsibility]

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Health & Safety

We take great pride in our exemplary health & safety record and never cut corners. At the start of every project we implement a Safe Management System (SMS) comprising:


The system ensures everyone understands the need for the highest level of health and safety practices at all times on the project. We know that health and safety requirements evolve almost every day. That is why we have appointed The Safety Department to review our Safety Management System (SMS) to enhance our project management skills on your behalf. Our health and safety systems is fully integrated into our Business Management System (BMS) which meets the requirements of standard (BS) OHSMS 45001.

Quality Assurance

rox interiors strives to achieve quality by organising every process to get the product ‘right first time’ and prevent mistakes ever happening. Also known as a ‘zero defect’ approach.

An essential part of our Company is the on-going maintenance and development of our Business Management System (BMS) which meets the requirements of ISO 9001 quality management system.




rox interiors continually measure and ensure that we minimise the environmental impact our business has on the environment. Each year we off set our C02 emissions by planting trees.

rox interiors are an ISO 14001 registered company and greatly care and appreciate the environment and the impact that it has on its surroundings. We are committed to demonstrate environmental management and we do this not only from a moral and ethical standpoint on behalf of our Directors and staff but also because it makes perfect business sense. rox interiors accepts responsibility for operating its business with a view to procuring and installing our works in ways which protect and preserve the environment. Our environmental policy actively encourages recycling, minimal waste and minimising the emission of pollutants to air, water and land, and the preservation of natural resources by reducing consumption and using wherever possible, renewable sustainable resources.